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Hospital Safety Center: 2020 Archive
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December 2020 - View Full Issue
TJC at ASHE: New requirements, revised process and tougher job for LSC surveyors
TJC at ASHE: New water management standard specifies requirements
OSHA issues temporary guidance on PAPR enforcement
Who can provide medical evaluation for respirator testing?
Use HFAP quality review to prepare for survey, future challenges
Public health emergency extended through January 21, 2020
Survey: Nurses need more EM training, education
November 2020 - View Full Issue
Assess your EVS program before surveyors show up looking for infection control problems
Post-pandemic: Be prepared to explain how you're going to catch up
What will your survey include? Some old things, some new
OSHA fines hospitals for PPE failures related to COVID-19
How to find generator test and inspection requirements
October 2020 - View Full Issue
Unresolved POC first target as CMS urges surveyors to resume schedules
"Hope is not a plan": Points to consider as flu adds to COVID-19 surge
ASPR TRACIE updates resources for disaster planning in the year of COVID-19
TJC: Use CDC guide on ACHs to set time before room cleaning
FGI looks toward 2022 update to construction guidelines
Review your use of force policies to avoid unnecessary harm
September 2020 - View Full Issue
Protect your supply chain: Don't hoard, just order what you need
Check for new SAG, remember TJC standard revisions effective July 1
Ask the expert: Frequency of "wet location" risk assessments
Will TJC get tougher? CMS okays AO status but outlines concerns
Notice outlines CMS differences with TJC requirements
CMS clarifies some concerns about longtime accreditor
Q&A: PPE success during the COVID-19 pandemic
August 2020 - View Full Issue
Reopening your hospital: Flush water pipes, double-check maintenance
CDC advises preparation for hurricanes on top of COVID-19
TJC outlines expectations for resuming surveys, with warning on EC
Ask the expert: Are hazardous storage areas compliant?
Use this pre-checklist for compliance with Physical Environment CoPs
July 2020 - View Full Issue
NFPA ramps up online resources with COVID-19 related compliance information
TJC, other AOs to change survey focus in wake of pandemic
NIOSH seeks to separate handling guidance from list of hazardous drugs
Ask the expert: Para-slides cannot be stored in the stairwell
OSHA issues interim COVID-related inspection policies
Review new Cal/OSHA guidance to protect workers from aerosolized diseases
Recovery: How Dartmouth-Hitchcock is reopening paused services
Ask the expert: Para-slides cannot be stored in the stairwell
June 2020 - View Full Issue
Few waivers available for inspections, testing, and other routine maintenance
Some non-critical ITM equipment waivers approved
Keep open communication, maintain fire safety in "extraordinary times"
Use these resources when considering use of a field hospital
Tips for creating airborne infection isolation rooms in a crisis
Former surveyor reveals common problems with LSC documentation
VCU Health initiative targets reducing workplace violence
May 2020 - View Full Issue
Accrediting organizations suspend most survey activities to focus on COVID-19
COVID-19 dominates preparedness as hospitals manage pandemic
NIOSH: Responders must be notified of coronavirus exposure
OSHA relaxes fit-testing enforcement under certain circumstances
EPA's pandemic civil enforcement policy
EPA releases list of disinfectants for use on novel coronavirus
Duke Health tests method to clean, reuse N95 masks
Q&A: What hands-on security interventions are acceptable?
Former surveyor reveals common problems AOs miss, but CMS finds
What deficiencies would you cite and why? And how would you correct them?
April 2020 - View Full Issue
CDC: Focus on protecting staff and supplies when new infectious diseases emerge
Be prepared to manage patient flow during pandemic response
Supply line for PPE remains a concern with emerging diseases
Use past experience and stay flexible when planning for pandemics
Emerging diseases: Check online resources regularly to stay prepared
Verma raps accrediting organizations' 'glaring conflict of interest'
Work with linen provider to manage availability, cut down on hoarding
What deficiencies would you cite and why? And how would you correct them?
Ask the expert: You may need extra LED fixtures
Massachusetts law could change signage and security at hospital entrance
March 2020 - View Full Issue
Work with local healthcare coalitions to successfully manage mass casualty surge
Incident command hospital offers tips on handling patient surge
Office of Civil Rights reminds planners to consider at-risk populations
CMS eliminates 2nd survey for psychiatric hospitals, to merge B-tags into SOMA
Use WHO guidance on 2019-nCov to review infectious disease plans
Full transparency key to stopping drug diversion in healthcare settings
OSHA raises its civil penalties for 2020 by nearly 2%
ECRI names top 5 health technology hazards for 2020
Is chemotherapy waste that's trace or RCRA empty considered hazardous?
Understanding waste prescription and nonprescription pharmaceuticals
Ask the expert: "No grandfathering" in LSC for doors
February 2020 - View Full Issue
Guest column: Explore using software to improve operational audits and patient safety
Clarification: 1135 waivers, temporary suspension of rules during a disaster
Critical access hospitals held to higher suicide prevention standards
Environment of Care: What to Expect in the Upcoming Year
Creating a culture of safety
Take steps to end sexual harassment in the healthcare workplace
Ask the expert: Check ASTM standards on diesel fuel testing
January 2020 - View Full Issue
Fire safety may trump ligature risk, but surveyors likely will want both
Expect the next decade to focus on coping with new technology and old problems
Follow these steps to make facility inspections easier, safer
Answers on business occupancies, power taps and monthly load tests
Worker wellness: Tips for promoting safe lifting practices
Use new delays to catch up to more stringent USP requirements
Educate leadership on USP expectations with this excerpt
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