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Hospital Safety Center: 2016 Archive
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December 2016 - View Full Issue
How surviving a disaster changes the disaster plan
Q&A: The new Life Safety Code brings changes to the HFAP standards manual
Contingency plans help manage the aftermath of disasters that impact facility operations
Disposable GI scopes will hit market in 2017
Drug diversion: Regulatory requirements and best practices
November 2016 - View Full Issue
Securing forensic and behavioral health patients
Making sense of the new Life Safety Code
The threat of active shooters in U.S. hospitals
October 2016 - View Full Issue
The end of the Plan for Improvement
Use an emergency messaging system to help your facility survive a disaster
Making sense of Joint Commission complaints
Safety by design: Safe facilities for senior citizens
September 2016 - View Full Issue
After Orlando: Preparing for the patient surge
Preventing the most common accidents among your hospitals' workers
When police come to help, but don't tell you
Expert Q&A: OSHA issues new inspection guidelines for field inspectors
Sample PPE protocol for a dirty bomb response
Exciting updates for BHS: More content, tools, and news at your fingertips!
August 2016 - View Full Issue
Emergency planning: Preparing for an earthquake
Latest IAHSS report indicates sharp decrease in violent incidents
Do you know who is roaming your halls?
A case study: How product choices and maintenance checks may save lives
Preparing for a medical surge in your facility
July 2016 - View Full Issue
It's here: CMS adopts 2012 Life Safety Code
Report: Worker health paramount when choosing disinfection products
Expert Q&A: Drug Diversion Prevention
PPE and training the healthcare worker
June 2016 - View Full Issue
Safety by design: Behavioral health patients
Training Scenario: Developing a PPE protocol for disaster scenarios
Assessment and inventory of hazardous chemicals
May 2016 - View Full Issue
The drill of your dreams
Scope of the matter
New portal attempts to cut down on violations
April 2016 - View Full Issue
Four ways the EC chapter improved your job
How to do a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
Design Guidelines for High-Risk Patients in Hospitals
March 2016 - View Full Issue
Plan for infectious pandemics now
Q&A: What you need to know about emergency drills
Postmortem storage, transport, and processing: Rethinking your facility design
Investing in staff training is the key to reducing violence and retaining loyal hospital staff
February 2016 - View Full Issue
The golden rules of conducting a drill
Drawing water from the desert
Q&A: Hazardous waste management and disposal
Educating and training hospital staff
January 2016 - View Full Issue
UV for decontamination: An adaptive technology
What you can't see in the air can hurt you
How to know ED violence is imminent
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