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Hospital Safety Center: 2010 Archive
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December 2010 - View Full Issue
Survey monitor: Joint Commission spends five days at Midwest health system
Three solutions to corridor clutter
Get staff to help in the fight against corridor clutter
Include HIPAA privacy officers in your emergency planning
Flooding causes chaos in hospital distribution system
OSHA considers infectious disease standard
Involve hospital leaders in solving this top survey problem
Johns Hopkins shooting grabs national attention
How to handle psych and forensic patients
November 2010 - View Full Issue
Joint Commission survey results for first half of 2010
New kid on the top five list: LS.02.01.30
How ILSMs can compensate for life safety deficiencies
Identifying impairments to life safety systems
Boston hospital conducts NICU evacuation drill
Protecting ED staff members from violence
What are some security measures to consider during a natural disaster?
October 2010 - View Full Issue
Prepare for the worst with repetition
Children pose special challenges for emergency planners
How to address Life Safety CodeĀ® survey deficiencies
Time for facility safety officers to get on board with performance improvement
Patient surge and security planning
What do we have to consider before deciding whether security should carry stun guns?
September 2010 - View Full Issue
An inside look at a CMS Life Safety CodeĀ® survey
Tie EC and IC together to create a safe environment
The big eight issues to disaster recovery
Managing laboratory safety in your hospital
Involve leadership in solving your corridor clutter
Preventing drills that go too far
What do my security officers need to know about handling unruly patients?
August 2010 - View Full Issue
How to comply with three problematic standards
Study shows surgical teams still at risk for accidental sharps injuries
Clarifying mis-scored life safety citations can give your survey a second chance
TJC releases Sentinel Event Alert on violence
Exploring access control systems
July 2010 - View Full Issue
California hospital hit with major fine for violating the ATD standard
EM is no longer just a couple of surveyor questions
Surveyor questions focus on six critical areas of EM
Get your hospital back on its feet after a disaster
Joint Commission removes certain MOS provisions
Suspicious woman at MPMC later attempts kidnapping
Visitor badge program a hit at South Carolina hospital
June 2010 - View Full Issue
Joint Commission backs off of emergency prep tracers
Reviewing new ambulatory EC standards reveals MRI and diagnostic imaging best practices for hospitals
Healthcare reform items for safety committees to review
Hospital safety notebook: FDA approves new Steris System 1 alternative
EC risk assessment important part of suicide prevention
Don’t put your lab at risk; check on proper PPE use
Tip of the month: Include water fountains on Legionella hit list
Annual security assessments become California law
Hurricane season brings security challenges
May 2010 - View Full Issue
Think beyond D icons for your EC documentation
State OSHA agency fines hospital for alleged H1N1 slips
HVA events will let surveyors test your flexibility
Ideas on how to discipline workers for OSHA violations
Sample unit isolation plan for emergency response
Tip of the month: FDA warns of StatSpin centrifuge problems
Telling the disgruntled from the dangerous
Questions of the month: How do I assess my hospital security camera system?
April 2010 - View Full Issue
Options for corpse storage during emergency response
EC scoring may herald survey compliance pitfalls
The benefits of customizing your HICS position chart
Survey monitor: Past tabletop efforts rewarded during emergency session
FDA: Hospitals have 18 months to replace SS1
OSHA Q&A tackles H1N1 shots, respirators, and more
Consider using a hospital?s new MRI safety steps
After the attack: MGH security shares experience
How can non-safety staff members become involved in surveillance?
March 2010 - View Full Issue
OSHA citations: Bloodborne retains top spot, lockout/tagout spikes
Five precautions to help prevent violence in your ED
Joint Commission notebook: Verify fire response plan roles under EC.02.03.01
Review FDA recommendations for CT scanners
Top-cited standard reveals rift with clinical activities
An early look at a new position: Sustainability manager
Tip of the month: Keep tabs on proposed humidity range reductions
Preparing for a high-profile forensic patient: One hospital shares its story
When staff members become a security threat: Tough meetings that may turn ugly
February 2010 - View Full Issue
Seek Steris SS1 replacement and watch for any updates
Promote widespread discussion about blunt-tip sutures
Investigate federal waivers to help your H1N1 response
Think past 'big city' risks to defend against terrorism
January 2010 - View Full Issue
Resolve to improve your life safety programs in 2010
GIS mapping technology strengthens emergency prep
ASHE winner discusses the future of green construction
Briefings on Hospital Safety 2009 story index
Threat assessment team helps protect employees: Ensures staff members have a safety net
Best practices for healthcare security
Don't overlook the little things in hospital security
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