Next month, BHS becomes Healthcare Safety Leader


June 1, 2019

Dear readers: Briefings on Hospital Safety has been helping hospitals navigate Life Safety, emergency management, OSHA and other environment of care compliance and safety changes since 1992. Now we are happy to announce your newsletter is evolving into the new Healthcare Safety Leader starting with next month’s issue. The newsletter will be written by editor A.J. Plunkett, who has written BHS’ sister publication Environment of Care Leader (ECL) for the last several years.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Healthcare Safety Leader – This 16-page monthly newsletter will offer the same trusted guidance that you received in BHS, with stories published weekly on Hospital Safety Center in advance of the full issue.
  • Searchable archives – Search years’ worth of past issues from BHS and ECL, created by our sister company Decision Health.
  • Hospital Safety Insider – This weekly e-newsletter will deliver breaking news about safety-related incidents at hospitals around the country, as well as the latest regulatory updates all archived and searchable online.
  • Mac’s Safety Space - This blog offers timely advice from our hospital safety expert and consultant, Steve MacArthur.

Thank you for reading BHS all these years, we look forward to seeing you in the HSL era! — Jay Kumar, content manager, HCPro.



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