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19E Updates: May updates cover ergonomics


May 1, 2019

The latest manual updates cover information on ergonomics in Tab 4 of both the medical and dental manuals.

Here’s how to get your updates. These instructions are applicable to both medical and dental practices.

Note for new customers only:

  • Check your manual first to see if you need these updates. If the number 19E is indicated on the title page, in the lower right corner of the title page box, your manual already includes these updates.
  • Log into your HCPro account on your Medical Environment Update subscription page at www.hcpro.com/login-3265. If you have not established a username/password or have forgotten it, you may retrieve it by clicking the link on this page.
  • Once logged in to the Medical Environment Update subscription page, open the most recent issue. There you will find an update file.
  • Open the file and choose the appropriate manual PDF (medical or dental) to download. You also have the choice of printing your update pages one-sided or two-sided, depending on your printing capabilities.
  • Print the updated pages and replace the old pages.
  • Document revisions on Form 3, Annual OSHA Safety Program (Exposure Control Plan) Review Form. Summarize the revisions (or write “update to plan”), indicate page numbers, and sign the form.

The updates are as follows:

Should you have difficulty logging in or accessing the updated pages, contact HCPro customer service:
Tel: 800-650-6787

Email: customerservice@hcpro.com


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