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MEU 2018 index


January 2, 2019

Facility safety

  • Be mindful of FDA ban on antiseptic chemicals, March, p. 4
  • IAHSS issues Threat Management Guideline to help healthcare facilities respond to violence, May, p. 1
  • If you have an OR, then you must have an AED or standard defibrillator, too, August, p. 8
  • Irked by 'preventable' surgical fires, FDA issues alert with recommendations for healthcare professionals, September, p. 8
  • What causes clinic fires?, January, p. 5
  • Your action plan: What to do when violence strikes, January, p. 1

Healthcare hazards

  • A fire safety primer for your facility, December, p. 1
  • As USP <800> looms, assess your compliance of medication compounding standards now, September, p. 1
  • ECRI lists top tech hazards for healthcare, January, p. 7
  • Excessive noise in the OR poses short-term and long-term risk to surgical staff, April, p. 1
  • Joint Commission now allows partially used oxygen canisters in 'full' rack, July, p. 9
  • OSHA: Get ready now for flu and potential pandemics, November, p. 5
  • Review your water management plan as CMS intensifies focus on Legionella, November, p. 8

Infection control

  • Bouffant hat vs. skull cap battle over? AORN expects to change recommendations on headwear, July, p. 1
  • CDC issues guidelines for healthcare facilities for preventing the next outbreak, February, p. 5
  • Expert advice on implementing an effective, legal mandatory flu vaccine policy, July, p. 4
  • Floor corners, bathroom floors, and ceiling vents are hottest spots for dangerous C. diff spores, May, p. 5
  • Hand hygiene monitoring technology increases compliance rates, but is it worth the cost?, June, p. 1
  • Take a new look at all patient care with eye to stop HAIs, December, p. 6

Lab safety

  • A laboratory safety manual can be a powerful tool to improve and maintain lab safety, September, p. 12
  • Create awareness of proper ergonomics practices in your lab to avoid costly consequences, August, p. 11
  • Fighting fire with fire, November, p. 12
  • Fighting fire…again, December, p. 9
  • Follow OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens standard to ensure your lab staff stays healthy and safety, June, p. 10
  • If you want to know what your lab safety culture is like, stop in after regular hours and a take a look, July, p. 10
  • Lab safety in the pre-analytic phase, February, p. 8
  • New EPA rule creates flexibility, potential savings for hazardous waste removal, May, p. 9
  • Taking 'control' of your lab safety situation, January, p. 9
  • The downside of staff workarounds, which can draw the ire of AOs, March, p. 10
  • The safety interpretation, October, p. 10
  • When it comes to lab safety, knowing laws an important first step for leadership, staff, April, p. 10


  • 18F Updates: June updates cover infection control, bloodborne pathogens, June, p. 11
  • 18I Updates: September updates cover infection prevention and control, September, p. 13
  • 18L Updates: December updates cover injury and illness prevention, December, p. 10
  • HCPro book excerpt: Situational awareness is an important part of high reliability, April, p. 7
  • Dying malls and medical clinics: A symbiotic relationship that works, February, p. 7
  • MEU 2017 index: What you might have missed in 2017, January, p. 10
  • More healthcare organizations are addressing second-victim syndrome, but more must be done, August, p. 1
  • PSS-3: Three-question suicide screener for the ER, October, p. 6

OSHA/regulatory agencies

  • An unexpected inspection could cost your facility if it isn't complying with RCRA, September, p. 4
  • CMS: Governing board must prioritize water management, November, p. 10
  • Fewer OSHA inspectors may put healthcare 'a little bit more under the radar', March, p. 5
  • Joint Commission focus on hand washing puts pressure on facilities, March, p. 1
  • Joint Commission says sentinel events declined again in 2017, but same problems top annual list, May, p. 7
  • New Jersey 'one-room' surgical center law creates streamlined regulatory landscape, April, p. 5
  • OSHA says employers must protect temp workers from noise and respirator hazards, November, p. 1
  • Put OSHA's training tools to work, October, p. 1
  • 'Something as simple as a stained ceiling tile' can draw The Joint Commission's ire, June, p. 8
  • Tips to avoid getting tagged by TJC for unintended retained foreign objects, August, p. 9
  • TJC changing how surveyors evaluate healthcare leadership's attention to safety, September, p. 10
  • TJC cited office-based surgery practices on a wide variety of standards in 2017, June, p. 5
  • Your action plan: What to do when OSHA comes knocking, February, p. 1

Worker safety

  • Australian company's compact respirator masks hope to change the healthcare PPE game, December, p. 4
  • Fall protection training required for staff, contractors exposed to fall of 4-plus feet, June, p. 7
  • Worker wellness: Chemical safety and compliance, October, p. 4

Workplace violence

  • Five key steps for creating, implementing an active shooter plan at your healthcare facility, August, p. 5
  • NFPA unveils fast-tracked, new standard to help with response to active shooter incidents, July, p. 7
  • Violence, opioids among top workplace fatality threats in healthcare, March, p. 8

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