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Briefings on Hospital Safety, November 2018


November 1, 2018

Editor's Note: Click the PDF button above for a full edition of the November 2018 edition of Briefings on Hospital Safety.

EC, LSC and ligature risks still at Joint Commission survey forefront

Highlight the zip codes where employees live so you can have a handy reference of where staff is available in emergencies, keep policies consistent and updated with the most relevant references, and focus suicide prevention efforts on making your physical environment ligature resistant. 

Review your water management plan as CMS intensifies focus on Legionella

A good water management plan begins with your facilities management team and a solid risk assessment of your water distribution and storage systems, which must include a walk-through of your hospital with your on-site plumbing expert.

ASHE reference provides guidance on swinging doors

For anyone out there in the hospital safety or engineering world that needs a little help understanding all the codes and regulations regarding egress and fire door issues in healthcare— that pretty much means anyone who works in the healthcare industry, especially those who need to know the Life Safety Code® (LSC) inside and out—ASHE has a new reference book for you.

Surveyor gaze is on dialysis compliance

Surveyors from CMS and The Joint Commission are taking an interest in dialysis compliance. That means you should too. Dialysis is one of the three main topics that have come up repeatedly at Joint Commission presentations, along with sterile compounding and pain standards. And there’s been a corresponding uptick in scoring for all of these areas in 2018.

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