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Briefings on Hospital Safety, April 2018


April 1, 2018

Editor's Note: Click the PDF button above for a full edition of the April 2018 edition of Briefings on Hospital Safety.

Use ASPR-TRACIE resource to decide, plan for surge from seasonal illnesses

In the midst of the worse influenza season in years, HHS’ Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response urged hospitals to reach out to regional or state healthcare coalitions to plan how to manage the ever-growing number of patients showing up with flu-like symptoms.

California hospital deploys surge tent to handle sudden influx of flu patients

A sudden spike in flu-like cases in December prompted one California hospital to break out its surge tent as patients filled its ER. You should review supplies needed to treat potential influenza patients and ensure your patient-flow tracking can extend to use of a surge tent in the event flu-ridden patients threaten to overwhelm your ED.

Joint Commission issues more guidance designed to help healthcare facilities reduce suicides

Just when you thought you had your suicide prevention safeguards in place, things are about to change again. The Joint Commission has issued more guidance designed to help healthcare facilities reduce suicides and stay in compliance with what seems like ever-changing standards.

Consider height, depth when placing portable fire extinguishers in path of egress

Review the placement of portable fire extinguishers to ensure they meet both requirements from the NFPA and Americans with Disabilities Act, especially if you are making renovations. CMS, accrediting organizations, and other authorities having jurisdiction will require compliance with the 2010 edition of NFPA 10, “Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers.”

Joint Commission’s focus on hand washing puts pressure on healthcare facilities

Healthcare workers should know they need to be on their best behavior when a surveyor from The Joint Commission rolls through their healthcare facility. But now, after a significant rule change went into effect in 2018, all it takes is one hand hygiene slipup for a TJC surveyor to slap your organization with a citation.

Unprecedented wildfires forced California hospitals to reinvent emergency plans on the fly

It’s one thing to have a good emergency plan available, but yet another to put it into action. Hospitals in general aim to stay operational during an emergency, but what do you do when you literally look on the horizon and see one of the biggest wildfires in California’s history coming right for your facility?

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