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Medical Environment Update, February, 2018


February 1, 2018

Editor's Note: Click the PDF button above for a full edition of the February 2018 edition of Medical Environment Update.

Your action plan: What to do when OSHA comes knocking

Few things in a safety professional’s life invoke more fear than the dreaded OSHA surprise inspection. It’s not likely to occur; there are only so many inspectors to go around, so OSHA can’t inspect all the workplaces in the U.S. But all it takes is one confidential employee complaint or safety issue to bring an inspector to your door, and the smart facility manager should know how to handle this if it occurs.

Dying malls and medical clinics: A symbiotic relationship that works

Healthcare systems are beginning to open up medical clinics -- and the ancillary services that go along with them -- in larger spaces such as failing malls and the parking lots of rural shopping centers. Most of us have a mental image of a small physician office in the middle of town that refers patients out to specialists and the local pharmacy, but those days are long gone.

CDC issues guidelines for healthcare facilities for preventing the next outbreak

Infection control experts have been warning for some time now that the newest, and perhaps worst, infectious illness outbreak is yet to hit the U.S., and some agencies appear ready to prepare the country’s healthcare facilities. SHEA, with the support of the CDC, has released a new guidance document designed to help healthcare facilities respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Scungio: Laboratory safety in the pre-analytic phase

Haircuts and coaching for lab safety occur in very different arenas, but performing these actions with a gentle, light touch is one way to make sure both outcomes are positive. A light touch can help ensure there are no types of scars, and a good outcome in the lab helps improve the overall culture — a goal every lab safety professional should desire.

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