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Briefings on Hospital Safety, January, 2018


January 1, 2018

Editor's Note: Click on "DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ISSUE AS A PDF" above for a full edition of the January 2018 edition of Briefings on Hospital Safety

Document community collaboration, succession plans for new EM standards

Go three deep or more in identifying staff positions to take over if key leadership can’t act in an emergency, consider ambulatory centers as alternate care sites even if they are not part of your health system, and document even unsuccessful attempts to coordinate community disaster planning.

New EP: Avoid RFIs by keeping documents and service manuals in library

“If it wasn’t documented, it wasn’t done.” It’s a phrase that every accreditation professional should know by heart. It’s a phrase that should be drilled into every doctor, nurse, and caregiver. It’s a phrase in the mind of every surveyor.  The second, lesser-known phrase that everyone should know is: “It doesn’t do me any good if I can’t find it.”

Earthquake compliance spurs new designs

For several years now, California hospitals have been in a mad dash not only to meet seismic standards set by the state after lessons learned from earthquakes past, but also to make sure they are ready for the next big quake (it’s been pretty quiet there, lately—at least seismically). In the meantime, some really ingenious and high-tech designs have been developed as a result of the effort, and if you haven’t been paying attention you should take some notes, especially since experts say a good portion of the country’s hospitals lie in areas that are at risk of a moderately damaging earthquake.

Q&A: Best practices for active shooter response and prevention in hospitals

Three experts discuss the unique risks in healthcare facilities, emergency rooms, mental health services, and other treatment facilities, and they address preparedness through operations and design.

The importance of an Alternative Life Safety Measures policy

In this excerpt from the new HCPro book Analyzing the Hospital Life Safety Survey, Third Edition, author Brad Keyes, CHSP, explains how an Alternative Life Safety Measures policy can help you maintain compliance with the Life Safety Code®.

BHS 2017 index: What you might have missed in 2017

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