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MEU 2017 index: What you might have missed in 2017


January 1, 2018

Facility safety
Annual facility review checklist. Jan., p. 4.
Checklist: Environmental cleaning for outpatient settings. May, p. 8.
Mandatory safety training checklist. Feb., p. 15.
New drug diversion prevention tactics suggested for healthcare facilities. Feb., p. 5.
Safety eyes job aid. July, p. 8.
‘Significant and conflicting’: Making sense of the latest hazardous waste rules. Nov., p. 6.
Ten resolutions to make your medical facility and workers safer in 2017. Jan., p. 1.

Healthcare hazards
Environmental cleaning in outpatient settings: Has your team mastered the basics? May, p. 7.
How to handle hazardous drugs properly. Oct., p. 11.
Keeping service animals out of healthcare settings is rarely legal. Aug., p. 5.
Read your labels: A friendly but stern reminder from infection control specialists. Aug., p. 1.
Service animals: An ADA Q&A. Aug., p. 7.
Tips for maintaining a clean clinic. July, p. 1.

Infection control
FDA glove ban is in effect for healthcare clinics. Feb./March, p. 7.
Hand hygiene lessons should extend to stethoscopes. Oct., p. 1.
Infection control survey. April, p. 4.
Q&A: Proper PPE in healthcare. Feb./March, p. 9.
Worker wellness series: Infection control. April, p. 1.

Lab safety
As easy as A-B-C, and swallowing the safety pill. May, p. 11.
Back in time: Confronting outdated lab habits. Oct., p. 12.
Be a part of safe laboratory design. July, p. 6.
By the numbers: Lab injury and exposure data. Aug., p. 9.
Can’t touch this: The art of teaching about the dangers of contaminated lab surfaces. June, p. 8.
Do you care about you? Feb./March, p. 17.
Fanning the flames: Laboratory fires are a real danger. Nov., p. 11.
The hidden dangers of decommissioning. April, p. 10.
Laying the foundation for a successful lab safety
training program. Feb./March, p. 12.
What’s great for moviegoers is bad for lab safety. Sept., p. 14.
A year of lab safety in review. Jan., p. 8.

17F Updates: June updates cover bonus forms. June, p. 10.
17I Updates: September updates cover hazard communication. Sept., p. 10.
2016 MEU index. Jan., p. 10.
An entire month of safety. June, p. 5.
How to hire workers with arrest and criminal records safely, fairly, and legally. Aug., p. 10.
Improper vaccine storage can cost you. Sept., p. 1.
Seven steps to follow when hiring people with arrest or conviction records. Aug., p. 12.

OSHA/regulatory agencies
Ensuring access to medical diagnostic equipment for patients with disabilities. June, p. 1.
Restraint and seclusion problems require quick mitigation. Nov., p. 8.
Tips for commenting on proposed rules. April, p. 9.
Trump’s deregulation push could spell relief. April, p. 6.

Weather events/natural disasters
Make room for mental health in the aftermath of an emergency. Nov., p. 1.
Managing stress before, during, and after an event. Nov., p. 5.

Worker safety
Bouffant vs. skull caps: Debate over headwear rages on. Sept., p. 8.
Mulling the occupational safety of peracetic acid in high-level disinfectants. Sept., p. 10.
NIOSH offers bloodborne pathogen tracking tools. July, p. 4.
Refresh your approach to hazardous drugs as USP <800> deadline approaches. Oct., p. 8.
Safety training record. Feb., p. 16.
Top 10 rules for safety devices. Jan., p. 4.
Worker wellness series: Chemical hazards. Feb., p. 1.
Worker wellness series: Fatigue and burnout. May, p. 1.

Workplace violence
Don’t wait for NFPA’s forthcoming active shooter standard to act. Oct., p. 5.

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