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Briefings on Hospital Safety, December 2017


December 1, 2017

Editor's Note: Click on "DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ISSUE AS A PDF" above for a full edition of the December 2017 edition of Briefings on Hospital Safety

When nurses and law enforcement collide

In a profession where staff members are four times as likely to be assaulted on the job compared to other professions, one would like to think nurses wouldn’t have to worry about that kind of violence coming from a police officer.

CDC launches campaign to catch sepsis early

The CDC launched the initiative in late August. Called “Get Ahead of Sepsis,” the program is an educational initiative to protect Americans from the devastating effects of sepsis, including emphasizing the importance of early recognition and rapid treatment, as well as the importance of preventing infections that could lead to sepsis.

Succession planning: A long-term safety essential for facility managers

For three days after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in 2005, Children's Hospital New Orleans stayed open, providing continuous care for its tiny patients, with about half its normal staff. The call to evacuate came only after breached levees unleashed flooding and chaos in much of the city, prompting hospital personnel to evacuate 103 children to nine different destinations.

Proposed changes will align EM standards with new CoPs

Identify who the backup leadership will be in the event your command incident officer isn’t available during an emergency, start putting together contact information on staff, physicians, suppliers, volunteers and others who you might need to communicate with, and ensure you can legally keep operating off site if that becomes necessary.

Joint Commission outlines new suicide risk expectations in aftermath of controversy

Review your policies and procedures for treating suicidal patients in general acute inpatient and emergency care areas following newly finalized recommendations from The Joint Commission (TJC).

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