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Hospital Safety Center: 2018 Archive
[Previous Year - 2017] [Current Issue]

March 2018 - View Full Issue
Use ASPR-TRACIE resource to decide, plan for surge from seasonal illnesses
California hospital deploys surge tent to handle sudden influx of flu patients
Consider height, depth when placing portable fire extinguishers in path of egress
Review ED policies, training on EMTALA, proper discharge after viral video
Joint Commission focuses on biohazard container labeling
Check new SAG lists, get latest IC manual to prepare for 2018 surveys
CDC issues guidelines for healthcare facilities for preventing the next outbreak
HFAP reports most-cited standards, suggestions for improvements
February 2018 - View Full Issue
CMS memo to clarify ligature risk policy sets stage for more guidance later
Risk assessment, clear mitigation strategies are keys to avoiding IJ for ligature risk
ECRI lists top tech hazards for healthcare
USP <800>: Effective date pushed back to 2019, but experts urge early adoption
USP timeline: More than 30 years of hazardous drug handling guidelines
January 2018 - View Full Issue
Document community collaboration, succession plans for new EM standards
Create a library of device manuals and documents to maintain compliance
Earthquake compliance spurs new designs
Q&A: Best practices for active shooter response and prevention in hospitals
The importance of an Alternative Life Safety Measures policy
BHS 2017 index: What you might have missed in 2017
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