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Hospital Safety Center: 2021 Archive
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PHE extended but surveys pushing forward, as is OSHA
August 2021 - View Full Issue
More OSHA scrutiny on healthcare organizations, expanded whistleblower protections
OSHA sets temporary standard on COVID-19 safety for healthcare workers
OSHA's new ETS targets COVID-19: How to begin implementation
DNV surveyors have workplace violence on their radar
What might Congress expect of OSHA's workplace violence standard?
Eyewash station inspections not needed for storage areas
Exempt from full-scale emergency exercise? Check revised memo
Fire watch is one fix for temporary problems with sprinkler coverage
July 2021 - View Full Issue
Update your SOCs for off-campus buildings as TJC targets business occupancies
Beware these common problems with business occupancies
TJC's business occupancy standards: Tips, suggestions for compliance
Stay atop of fast-changing regulatory requirements and CDC guidance
Check your state's pandemic plan to make sure 1135 waivers line up locally
Emergency preparedness and utility infrastructure in healthcare
Does air in soiled utility room need to be monitored daily?
June 2021 - View Full Issue
Q&A: Water fixture maintenance
Keep what worked, ditch what didn't as you plan now for next pandemic
Q&A: Water fixtures should be prominent in infection control plan
FDA says to decrease reuse of devices, CMS removes some blanket waivers
Tips for opening a field hospital during the coronavirus pandemic
See EC.02.04.01 for requirements on medical equipment
May 2021 - View Full Issue
Use updated LS, EC review tool to get back into survey readiness
TJC to begin unannounced, on-site survey visits again
Plan care for dialysis and other vulnerable patients stranded in a disaster
Winter storm in Texas tests concept of 'all-hazards planning'
Becoming a Legionella prevention expert: Get certified on ASSE 12080
Should new soap with ethyl alcohol be treated as you do ABHR?
April 2021 - View Full Issue
Check your spare circuit breakers for correct labeling or risk an RFI from TJC
Arizona Surge Line works to even out patient surge
Updates to HazCom proposed, comment period ends April 19
Use this checklist as you review your EOP plans with next pandemic in mind
Excerpt: Drug Diversion regulatory requirements and best practices
March 2021 - View Full Issue
COVID-19: Keep eye on O2 storage systems, mortuary supplies as surges continue
Review CDC guidance for handling of remains as surge continues
Too tired to prepare for survey? Do it anyway, and here are tips
CMS humidity rule still requires you to follow manufacturer's requirement
NIST offers new tool for assessing airflow quality during COVID-19
CMS still not happy with AOs' performance, wants tougher findings
Report to Congress: Validation surveys overhaul will go forward
February 2021 - View Full Issue
Train staff on dangers of dry ice, other precautions handling vaccines
Use screening protocols to ensure civil unrest stays out of your facility
TJC changes EP on spare sprinkler heads again, to minimum six
Math can be tricky: TJC corrects ABHR storage requirement
DNV GL may do reaccreditation surveys remotely, other AOs decline
DNV GL virtual conference: Physical environment hot spots
January 2021 - View Full Issue
Civil unrest while managing a pandemic: Lessons learned
Consider these tips when planning for civil unrest
2021 promises changes, challenges to meet PHE, other safety needs
AOs on alert: Review policies on cyberattacks after FBI warning
Hackers legally off the hook in patient's death but maybe not in future
Relying on "old school" methods during a ransomware attack
DNV GL: More threats on healthcare from climate change
ECRI: Half of disposable isolation gowns don't pass muster
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