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Hospital Specific Information and Tools for Safety Programs

Safety directors and their teams will find regulations and standards on hospital safety across agencies, along with practical advice, interpretation and tools for regulatory compliance.

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Thank you for making Briefings on Hospital Safety the leading independent source for Joint Commission and OSHA regulations in hospitals since 1993. This monthly resource provides safety committees with crucial information and guidance about the EC standards, emergency management, worker safety, fire protection, environmental regulations, and much more.

Top Stories:

Pressure drop: Ensure monitoring of soiled utility and other pressure-sensitive rooms Facility workers as well as contractors must now be trained in fall protection Use risk assessment for ligature concerns when choosing beds for geriatric patients

Healthcare Security Alert:

Preparing and educating your facility for gang violence

For 10 years, Hospital Safety Connection has provided thousands of readers with FREE late-breaking regulatory news and timely tips about hospital safety, all designed with your fast-paced jobs in mind.

This Week’s News:

Drug diversion: Regulatory requirements and best practices


Mac’s Safety Space

The one blog hospital safety professionals need to read

Whether you're an experienced safety professional or new to the field, Mac's Safety Space blog provides regular updates, advice, and humor from safety consultant Steve MacArthur. And you can share your thoughts with Mac using our easy comments box.

Current Posts:

It was a fine idea at the time: Safety story of the week! And you may find yourself in another part of the survey process (more HazMat fun) While I hate to do anything to muddy the waters...with paper clips!


Forms Library

A comprehensive library of sample forms and policies that is fully downloadable with your Platinum membership, and customizable to suit your needs. Why re-invent the wheel? Click here to take a look at the list of time-saving tools you can use...Non-members can view the list and download a free sample document!

New Forms:

Ebola preparedness checklist (Free) Classification of flammable and combustible liquids Testing guidelines for ornamental water features


Safety Talk

Safety Talkers post regulatory questions, get answers and advice from their peers across the country, and swap sample forms that have worked for them. Click here to view the fully searchable archives.

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